FiberBlade V


A New Generation in the Laser Class


Compact design reduces space requirements

  Positioning speed of 50 m/min with acceleration 0.5g reduces idle time between cuts.
  Laser class enclosure to house the cutting areas for ease of access, extremely reliable and safe operation.
  Easy access to the cutting bed permits quick and efficient unloading and reloading, reducing idle time between plates.
  Integrated fume extraction to meet all environmental standards for dust and fumes. Extractors & dust filter to be arranged by customer.
  Specially designed slag trays for easy table cleaning and efficient extraction.
  Global controller, the most user-friendly touch-screen. Controller on the market means: Easy operation, from loading program to cutting in only steps.
  Fast Lifter: Stroke speed of 28 m/min so less than 0.3 seconds for full stroke.
  Reliable height control via extremely sensitive capacitive control improves nozzle life and cut quality.
  The machine is equipped with scan cut feature for maximum utilisation making the cutting operation economical.

OmniMat Fiber
Minimum maintenance, Maximum cut performance large format laser

OmniMat Fiber


  Low investment cost.
  Low running cost.
  Economically entry into the world of Laser cutting.
  Easy to use.
  Higher total efficiency of the fiber laser of approximately 30% (CO2 laser: approx. 10%).
  Positive bilateral longitudinal drives for good acceleration.
  Reliable automatic hight sensing.
  35 m/min drive speed saves time between cuts.
  No moving parts in the laser resonator.
  Emitter diodes have long working lives (Over 50,000 hours).
  Completely maintenance free.